What is a V Block

What is a V Block

V Blocks are precision ground blocks usually made out of hardened steel. In the center there will be a V shape cut out to hold round objects. Some V Blocks will have slots on the side or screw holes to use a clamp.


Where do i buy a V block?

V Blocks can be purchased at most machine tool supply stores. You can even find new and used V blocks on ebay. If you plan on clamping anything with them make sure you get ones with clamps. Clamps are made to fit that exact type of V block.

How much do V blocks cost?

Price range depends on the size and brand. Buying a brand name can guarantee accuracy and quality. Depending on your tolerances and uses for the v block would depend on if you should buy a no name or a quality brand name. Smaller no name brands can be purchase around 40-50$ while bigger brand name v blocks can be hundreds of dollars.