About Carbide Endmills

Why use Carbide Endmills?

Higher SFM - Carbide endmills can withstand alot higher working temperatures than HSS. This means instead of running a HSS cutter on steel at 100 SFM you can run carbide at 300-400 SFM. This increased surface speed reduces cutting time by 3-4 times.

Density- Carbide is a very dense material, in fact Tungsten Carbide is one of the most dense high melting temperature elements. With its density Carbide does not flex or bend giving carbide more rigidity.

Greater wear resistance - Carbide has a hardness of around 90-95 HRC compared to HSS of 62-65 HRC. This greater hardness provides more wear resistance

Which type of endmill should i use?

The endmill series you should use depends on the material you plan to cut. We stock 3 different endmill series.

1. Stainless Series - This series has 4 Flutes and is designed to cut tough and wear resistant material. Recommended for material hardness up to HRC 62 and with high nickle content. Made with premium micrograin carbide and coated with ALTiCrN give it a great combination for the best performance.

Recommended for: Stainless steel, Inconel , Hastelloy , Titanium , Hardened steel.

2. General Purpose Series - This series is our go to for all metals. Designed with 4 flutes and TiAin coating give it longevity to keep on cutting.

Recommended for: Steels , Cast Iron

3.Aluminum Series - This series is excellent for machining soft materials like Aluminum. With 3 flute this gives it plenty of clearance for material removal without reducing strength.

Recommended for: Aluminum , Magnesium , Plastics , Wood